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Lionheart Remake


Nothing could be done. Valdyn would have
to make the entire journey on foot.
He sighed and entered the swamps.


Dusk Dawn Day
Dusk Dawn Day


Stage Image
1 (hard)
2 (hard)
3 (hard)


Object Name Description
Talisment Talisment Increases talisment count
PitionLittle Potion Little Restore one health
PotionBig Potion Big Fill health
Life Life Increase life count
Sword2 Sword 2 Set damages value to 2
Sheet Sheet Collidable scenery
TurningAuto Turning Auto Collidable scenery with periodic rotation
TurningHit Turning Hit Collidable scenery with rotation stopped on hit
Beetle Beetle Collidable moving scenery
Floater Floater Collidable drowning scenery
Bird Bird Stop vertical movement on hit, or hurt
Dragon Dragon Spawn platform on proximity
Spike Spike Raise from ground on delay
CarnivorousPlant Carnivorous Plant Kill player on fall
Crawling Crawling Can walk, turn and jump
Dino Dino Walk on single direction
Flower Flower Track player and throw projectile on delay
Nest Nest Throw projectile tracking player on delay
Bee Bee Patrol movement or move on player
Grasshopper Grasshopper Track player and throw projectile on delay

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